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the Fancy Pants Adventure series

Out of all the flash platformer games I had a chance to play nothing was quite like the Fancy Pants Adventure series and hopeful the third game isn’t going to be the last one. In all honesty, neither of the first two episodes can compare with Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 and this is something has been proven time and time again on numerous polls and forums. The beautiful graphics, epic soundtracks and fantastic gameplay are what really makes this game come to life and makes it superior to any other game out there.

The Mechanics of the Game

If you are used to the mechanics of the previous two games then you can jump right into the heat of the action of Fancy Pants Adventure World 3! If this is your first time playing the series or if you forgot how the game works then don’t worry as there is an amazing tutorial at the start of the game. The lessons are not only very funny, but also extremely helpful and user-friendly and you will learn about the controls and all the various moves that you can pull-off in no time!


You can use the right and left arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to open doors and talk to people and the down arrow key to slide, roll and duck as your run around the world! With the S keyboard key you can jump across terrain and platforms as well as perform the “wall jump” move. It is really fun to try and go as fast as possible but don’t forget to keep your eyes open for all those coins that you can find across the world!

The developer has added a lot of new features and there are a lot of new small, side quests that you can stumble on and you will also get your chance to play some more “snail golfball”. There are, of course, a lot of trophies and new fancy pants 4 waiting for you in different levels and rooms so you will have to spend a lot of time to really beat all the elements of the game.

Game Graphics and Audio

The visual effects are really great and I found them quite impressive to say the least. The environment graphics and all the game art is much better than it previously was and all the characters are moving very smoothly. There are no real glitches or bugs to worry about and the overall gaming experience is very nice. I haven’t enjoyed playing any other game of this genre quite as much as I have enjoyed myself with this one!

As for the audio effects and the soundtracks I must give it a six out of five since the music was fantastic! The soundtracks are very dynamic and adjust to each situation perfectly and can really get your relaxed or get your blood pumping in those dangerous, difficult levels. And what are you waiting for anyway? Go and play Fancy Pants World 3 today!

Fancy Pants 3 is a highly developed flash game

Fancy 3 game free

Fancy Pants today’s hottest games


Fancy Pants 3 is a highly developed flash game

Our spiky-haired friend is back, and is ready to take on another adventure – this time against evil pirates! Do you have what it takes to defeat the pirates and return the loot they stole back to the King? Try your hand at Fancy Pants 3 today!


Fancy Pants 3, similar to the previous versions of this amazing flash game, comes packed with player controls for you to use through your adventure. The basic movement controls are your arrow keys – up, down, left, and right. The left and right arrow keys are pretty self explanatory, however using the up key allows you to open up doors. Using the down arrow key makes your hyperactive stick man crouch down low, roll down a steep slope, or slide under a blockage. In addition to these basic movement keys, you are also provided with additional controls that perform other actions.

  • Use the S key to jump.
  • Use the M key to toggle the game music on or off.
  • Use the spacebar to pause and unpause the game.
  • Use the A key to perform an attack action.

Keep in mind that while these function keys may be used individually, Fancy Pants can perform a large variety of stunts and tricks when you use these keys together!

Starting the Game


At the beginning of Fancy Pants 3, there are a few options available that you can select. If this is your first time playing Fancy Pants 3, please be advised to try the Training Room first to familiarize yourself with the controls and objective of the game. In the Training Room, the General will teach you the basic controls and a few tricks to help you complete each level of the game. Along the way, you will see many signs. Be sure to read each of these signs! They will give you helpful tips on how to perform certain tricks and other functions!

Once you have completed the Training Room, you can move on. To start the game from the very beginning, simply run all the way to the lower level platform past the “Start” arrow. This will place you in Level one of the game and allow you to begin your adventure. If you have played the game before, you can either run past the “Continue” arrow to begin playing where you left off, or you can walk through the door labeled “Select a Level” to choose from one of the previously completed levels to continue the fun.

Hacks and Cheats

Fancy Pants 3 is a highly developed flash game filled with lots of action, adventure, and entertainment. Some players may find the fast-paced game to be slightly too difficult to play. So with this in mind, here are a few cheats we can provide you to help make the game a little easier and more enjoyable!

  • Press the H key to refill your health bar.
  • Press the L key to add an additional life.

Link download: http://fancypants3game.com/

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